SKI instructor Caroline Powell has spoken of her experience helping Team GB secure four medals at the winter Paralympics.

Caroline acted as a guide for visually impaired skier Jade Etherington at the Sochi games helping her take on the courses’ jumps and dips at 70mph.

The instructor, 19, from Basildon, started her skiing career at Brentwood Ski and Snowboard Centre, where she had her first lessons with coach and owner Sergio Cis, pictured right with Caroline.

Speaking about her success with Jade, she said: “I spent entire nights memorising every single run at Sochi, so I knew them back to front. Our trust in each other came together. We skied the best we ever have.”

Jade has a degenerative eye condition and can only see outlines of shapes and colours. Caroline had to communicate her surroundings to Jade on and off the slopes.

She said: “We have a set of codes we use. I talk constantly when we are skiing to let her know what is coming up on the run.”

Caroline first went skiing aged two. She would train in Brentwood every Thursday, before going to Hemel Hempstead, where she now coaches, every Monday.

With Jade, she won a silver in women’s downhill, bronze in super G, silver in slalom and silver in super combined.