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Name: Clifford Laysell
Newspaper Sales
Job Title: Retail Merchandiser

Since joining Newsquest in January 2013, I have had several different roles. Starting as a Delivery Agent, covering paper rounds in my local area. I was then asked to cover the News Vendor stand in Southend, which in-turn led on to helping out with various promotional days and events. My second position in the Newspaper Sales department was as a Canvasser, where I would sell subscriptions for home delivery, whilst continuing to help out at events.  During this time I was given 'Door-to-Door' Canvassing sales training, which has been of great value to me in the various roles I have experienced since. For my third position at Newsquest, I changed departments from Newspaper Sales to Advertising, selling advertising space in various Newsquest Titles. Before I was given the opportunity to take on my current position as a Full-time Retail Merchandiser. 

My typical working day varies from day-to-day, but my main job (Merchandising), entails visiting a range of outlets that sell the Echo, and making sure they are happy with our services. Ensuring they have the correct supply, solving any issues they may have and most importantly; finding ways to increase the amount of sales the store generates. I am a very social person and love the flexibility of my time at work, and how every day is different from the last. For instance; one day I might be out targeting an area with a big headline, and the next day I may be out running a promotion to increase sales and awareness.

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