Linkin Park have led online tributes to their late singer Chester Bennington.

The frontman took his own life in 2017, and fans have been marking the two-year anniversary of his early death.

The five remaining members of Linkin Park – Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell, Rob Bourdon, and Brad Delson – have said they are remembering the singer today.

Bennington’s widow Talinda urged fans to “make Chester proud” and be open about their mental health issues.

She said in a video posted to Instagram: “Hey guys, I woke up this morning to lots of messages of love and support from my friends and family and I wanted to pass along to you the same love and support.

“Today is going to be a really hard day for a lot of people, and that may be you, and I just want you to know that you’re loved, you matter and the world means something with you in it.

“And today let’s make Chester proud, and take care of each other because that’s what he would want us to do.”

In the wake of Bennington’s death, Talinda co-founded the 320 Changes Direction initiative, which helps the family and friends of those suffering mental health issues.

Devotees of the band have also shared their sadness at his loss.

Linkin Park posted on Twitter “Remembering Chester today. Feel free to share your favorite photo or video of Chester / LP below.”

Fans in their thousands responded, and posted a stream of pictures featuring the former frontman below the post.

Others posted their own messages of remembrance on Twitter on the two-year anniversary of his death.

One wrote: “Somehow it’s been two years. Two years without the greatest voice, the kindest soul.

“I still forget, just for a moment, when a song plays… it just doesn’t feel real, even now. I’m honoured to be naming my baby after him.”

Another added: “Can’t believe it’s already been two years since Chester died. Still such a shock! Your music continues to save people every day!”

One other fan among thousands making Bennington’s name trend online said: “Still hits me like a brick wall.

“Always thought when I had kids in the far future that Chester would still be screaming his lungs out at 50.”

Bennington, 41, was found dead at his Los Angeles home on July 20 2017. A coroner later ruled he had taken his own life.

The Grammy Award-winning musician had battled with depression and substance abuse for years before his death.