LIB Dem council members have hit back over claims they were unhappy with their leader’s recent actions.

Last week, Brentwood Council’s Tory leader Louise McKinlay issued a statement saying she had been approached by opposition councillors who had expressed concerns over the behaviour of David Kendall.

She said she had been approached by Lib Dems following a heated debate about Hutton Community Centre’s future during a Policy, Projects and Resources Board meeting.

However, members of the main opposition group at the council have come out in support of their leader, with Brentwood North councillor James Sapwell calling the accusations “false”.

Mr Sapwell said: “I find this fabricated statement bizarre.

“At our annual dinner on Saturday, David Kendall was commended for his leadership of the council group and warmly thanked with a round of applause by councillors, party members, former mayors and Lord Tom McNally, leader of the Lib Dems in the Lords.”

Brentwood West councillor Karen Chilvers said a recent party meeting brought up by Mrs McKinlay in her statement also ran smoother than the Conservative leader has said it did.

Ms Chilvers said: “We applaud David for raising concerns over a number of issues, including the Hutton Community Centre, and have no issues with his conduct.

“However, if she did hear some arguing, it is possible that she overheard and maybe misconstrued our usual end-of-meeting banter about whose turn it is to wash up the coffee mugs.”

Mrs McKinlay stood by her previous statement saying she believes the Lib Dems who spoke to her are going back on their word.

She said: “I’m not sure whether they are being hushed or going back on what they said, but I know what was said to me and I have every confidence in that.”