A “DISTRAUGHT” lover accused of harassing and threatening to shoot his ex-girlfriend has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

James Gotobed, 50, of Laurel Crescent, Romford, was found not guilty after a trial at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday having been accused of constantly texting, calling and even threatening to kill Tracie Long.

The defendant was arrested on December 1 last year near Ms Long’s flat in Queen Street.

She said he had not left her alone since ending their relationship at the end of October.

Mr Gotobed became very upset by the break-up which resulted in Ms Long walking out of their rented ranch in Doddinghurst on October 28, saying he sent a series of texts to get “closure”.

Both parties gave evidence and chairman of the bench Ian Fuller said they did not feel the victim’s evidence was credible.

This came after defence solicitor Ralph Gillan revealed a call log showed she had spoken to Gotobed 14 more times after initially telling him not to contact her again.

Summing up, Mr Fuller said: “We did not find Tracie Long to be credible and she did not engage with what was asked of her.

“As for James Gotobed, we found his evidence to be honest, straightforward and it is clear he cared deeply for Tracie Long, as was borne out in his evidence.

“When the relationship ended, Mr Gotobed was clearly affected.

“We also don’t believe he threatened to shoot her.”

When Mr Fuller read out the verdict, Mr Gotobed wept along with his family members in the public gallery.

A restraining order application made on behalf of Ms Long by her lawyer Remi Alabi was turned down.