A BEER brewer from Brentwood is spearheading a event to promote the work of women like her around the globe.

Sophie de Ronde, head brewer at Brentwood Brewing Company, has organised the International Women’s Brew Day on Saturday March 8 as part of International Women’s Day.

The event which is the first of it’s kind to be held around the world with the main aim to show off the work done by female brewsters.

Starting at 9am, women working from their breweries will make a beer called Unite Pale Ale at the same time.

So far 120 beer makers have signed up to project including teams in the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Ms de Ronde said: “My mission is to get the message about this exciting, worldwide event out to as many brewsters as possible, so they'll decide to join in on IWCB Day.

"We women brewers make fantastic beers, not that men don't, but they have dominated the industry for so long that it's time for us women to make an impact again.

“It's all about celebrating the history of women in the industry and giving us modern day brewsters a bit more exposure.”

Money from the sales of the ale brewed on the day will be given to charity, one being the American-based Pink Boots Society which helps promote females in the beer industry.

Each brewer will also pick another charity for proceeds to go towards.

Any ladies wanting to take part can contact Ms de Ronde directly by calling 01277 200 483 or emailing sophie@brentwoodbrewing.co.uk.