ANIMAL lovers could have a public space to remember and pay respects to their beloved pets, Brentwood Borough Council has announced.

The authority has revealed it is in preliminary talks over whether to build a pet memorial garden in the borough.

Councillor Louise McKinlay, leader of Brentwood Borough Council, explained: “When a family loses a pet, especially if there are little ones in - volved, it can be a very distressing time.

“Some pet owners may wish to lay their pets to rest in an area where they can visit and remember them.

“We’re only in the first stages, so it’s only really an idea at the moment, so we haven’t decided on a location.

“Rochford Council went ahead with their plans a few years ago, so we’re looking at how they went about it, and we’re in talks to figure out how it works in practice.”

The Rochford memorial garden in Cherry Orchard Way charges £60 plus VAT for the burial of a pet’s ashes.

Ashes cannot be scattered, and must come with a certificate of cremation from a licensed crematorium.

Owners must bury them in a biodegradable container, and are allowed to and are allowed to place plaques for a period of ten years.

Councillor McKinlay continued: “The feedback I have had from people

has been positive.

"People seem to think it is an unusual and useful service.”

The decision went before the council’s policy, finance and resource committee at the council chamber in the Town Hall on Tuesday night.