A woman celebrating a milestone birthday sent twitter users into a frenzy after a picture of her receiving a telegram from the queen went viral.

Sadie, received a telegram from the queen on Tuesday morning after celebrating her 100th birthday.

The telegram was delivered by her local postwoman, who asked if she could take a picture to share on the internet.

Later the same day, the postwoman’s son, Adam Mark Oliver, from Brentwood, took to social media to share the heart-warming picture.

He said; “My mum is a postwoman and today she delivered this lady’s telegram from the queen for being 100 years old.

“When my mum asked if she could take a picture and post it online, she asked will the whole world see it? She was told yes so she said, oh yes put it on. How sweet.”

Adam's picture has been liked more than 42,000 times by users that can’t believe she’s turning 100.

One user wrote: “100? My goodness me, I hope I look that good at 60.”

Another commented: “Let me know what she’s chucking on her face daily I’ll get me some of that”

Sadie’s great-granddaughter also discovered the tweet and said her great nan would be “overwhelmed” with the response She said: “This lady is my great nan she is going to love this so much. Thank you all for sharing.

“She will be totally overwhelmed when I call her tomorrow. Her name is Sadie and she’s a wonderful woman.”