ESSEX is the biggest culprit in the whole of the UK for drivers not wearing seatbelts.

Private plate specialists,, recently released an interactive map that highlights the number of fixed penalty notices across the UK between 2016 and 2017.

They are also breaking down the crime hotspots for eight categories of driving offences, from parking offences to running lights and ignoring signs.

The data is weighted ‘per 10,000 drivers’ for each police force area.

Essex holds first place in the whole of UK for not buckling up, with 47 drivers caught not wearing a seat belt for every 10,000 drivers - a major contrast with Suffolk, with no offences in this category.

This offence includes failure to wear a seat belt whilst driving, and failure to provide the correct child restraints for children under the age of 14.

Essex comes in second place for careless driving, including behaviours such as tailgating, overtaking dangerously, middle lane hogging and driving under the influence of drink or drugs, with 32 of 10,000 drivers receiving this fixed penalty notice.

Angela Banh, of Regtransfers, said: "The data reveals some alarmingly high figures for fixed penalty notices across the UK.

"It is crucial to abide by the laws of the road, committing driving offences puts not only you, but other road users in danger.

"We hope the data will make people think twice next time they consider speeding or driving while using their mobile phone.

"Drivers should always stay safe on the roads.’’

For more information on the UK’s driving offence hotspots, click here.