NEARLY 80 people have already been arrested as part of a summer anti-drink and drug driving campaign.

Essex Police officers have stopped 997 vehicles since the annual crackdown kicked off on Thursday, June 14.

A total of 79 people have been arrested – 35 on suspicion of drink driving, six on suspicion of failing to provide a sample, and 38 on suspicion of drug driving.

Head of roads policing for Essex Police Adam Pipe said: “My message is clear – drink and drug driving puts people’s lives at risk.

“Alcohol and drugs can significantly impact on your ability to react when something happens on the roads and the consequences can be fatal.

“Ask yourself – how would you feel if you caused a collision because you were drink or drug driving and someone was killed or seriously injured?

“My officers will continue to carry out proactive operations to identify people who are breaking the law but information from communities across Essex is key.

“If you see someone you think is drink or drug driving call us on 101 and if you have information on someone who has been or regularly drink or drug drives you can report it on the Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s Extra Eyes website.

“Whatever you do and however you spend the good weather, please remember to drive safe drive sober.”