A building society is hosting a pension awareness event throughout this month at its branch in Brentwood.

With roughly one third of the UK adult population having no private pension and potentially having to rely on the full New State Pension, currently £164.35 per week dependent on your National Insurance record, many will face a bleak financial future when they hit retirement age.

Saffron Building Society say that "proactive pension planning is one way to alleviate this issue".

The pension awareness sessions will offer a guided talk through the new changes in pension law and what impact they have had.

They will also have an opportunity to review any current private pension and look at new options if they don’t have one already.

In addition, your appointment will focus on financial objectives, how to maximise pension income in the years leading up to retirement and how to evaluate the financial choices available when retirement eventually does come.

Speaking about the sessions, Sarah Howe, chief customer officer at Saffron Building Society said: “This July, we want to raise awareness for pension planning and we invite local people to book an appointment with a specialist adviser.

"The sessions are completely free.

"Times are changing and it’s important that everyone looks at their desired standards of living and how they can be achieved once retirement is reached.”

To find out more information about the private pension sessions, please call 0800 072 1100.