Essex Police has organised a holding cell at a music festival taking place next weekend to deal with trouble makers.

The RiZe Festival is making its debut in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, on August 17 and August 18, with 34,000 people expected to attend.

Essex Police has been working with organisers and other partners to ensure the event is safe.

Organisers Festival Republic is responsible for your safety and security on site during the festival but Essex Police also have a dedicated policing plan in place for RiZe.

This includes carrying out intelligence checks to disrupt drug activity and disorder, roads policing operations to deal with drug and drink driving and officers outside to address any anti-social behaviour or welfare concerns, as well as plans to counter terrorism.

There will also be a small hub within the venue to allow officers to detain offenders ahead of any requirement for them to be taken to a custody suite.

Chief Superintendent Rachel Nolan, said: “A new festival brings new opportunities and we’re excited that an event like RiZe Festival is taking place in our county.

“With any large event, we have well-rehearsed policing plans in place to ensure you have a safe festival. Our preparations have included assessing the level of risk around crime and disorder which could occur.

“We’ve worked with partners to be satisfied that Festival Republic has a robust security plan in place to ensure the highest standards of public safety.

“We will also have additional police officers working that weekend to respond and deal with the unlikely event of a major incident.

“We want people going to the festival to enjoy themselves, look out for one another and be safe. We also want to remind people who are determined to spoil this festival for others that you will be detained and brought into custody.”

If you experience crime at the festival or see something that concerns you, please either approach a member of the security team or report the crime online at, call Essex Police on 101 or in an emergency 999. If you cannot use your phone you can ask a member of festival staff to help or to call police.

To help you stay as safe as possible we are issuing the following advice ahead of the festival:

* If you arrive by car make sure you remove all valuables and try not to leave anything on view. The temperatures may be hot but please shut windows and lock your vehicle. Leaving your glove compartment empty will deter opportunists;

* While the festival creates a fun environment, please don’t trust strangers with any of your valuables, and don’t leave valuable items unattended inside your tents if you’re staying;

* Keep your cash, cards and car keys safe at all times and avoid using back pockets though - they are more easily targeted by pick pockets;

* Try not to walk around with your mobile phone, camera or other expensive items on show - take them out of your bag when you need them and put them back in when you've finished using them;

* Pay attention to what's going on around you and stick together;

* Enjoy a few drinks but know your limits and don't make yourself vulnerable by going over the top. Alcohol impairs your judgment and can make you a more vulnerable target;

* Keep your phone battery charged in case you need to contact your friends and at night, stick together, avoid wandering off and stick to well-lit busy walkways.

For more information visit or