A group of police officers have been recognised after they helped people in British Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma.

A commendation event was held to celebrate the officers from Essex Police; Chief Superintendent Andy Mariner, Sergeant Simon Gray and PCs Aaron Cornwell, Elizabeth Hall, Pete Meah and Chris Russell who went above and beyond to help the hurricane victims in Anguilla, Tortola and Virgin Gorda last September.

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh rewarded the officers who were deployed for 19 days to help police forces on the British Virgin Islands.

Chief Con Kavanagh said: “These officers gave up their rations to people in another country and operated in conditions that no British cop should be expected to with a smile and determination.

“It’s heart-warming for a chief to see this quality of leadership, they each show the best of British policing and for me to celebrate that on my penultimate day is a real honour.”

The officers spent time in the community carrying out patrols and helping to repair roofs of the victims.

They spent their free time sharing their food rations with local people and bringing toys to children in orphanages.

PC Natasha Keaney was also commended for her dedication while they were abroad.

Chief Con Kavanagh awarded her with a Certificate of Merit for her work.