Moll Flanders, Mercury Theatre, Colchester. Until October 13. 01206 573948.

What an absolute find director Ryan McBryde is.

Earlier this year he absolutely tugged at our heart strings with the gorgeous new musical Pieces of String, and now he’s taken our gal Moll, originally from Colchester, and produced a breathtaking bawdy romp through 18th century England, with more than a little theatrical nod to modern times.

The wonderful Bill Champion isn’t too far away from a Del Boy-type Daniel Defoe as he finds his muse and turns her story (with a little artistic licence) into his hit novel.

As said muse, Eva-Jane Willis is breathlessly watchable jumping from sassy, street-wise ne’er-do-well, to vulnerable and tragic victim of her circumstances.

The show is central to her captivating performance and she doesn’t disappoint whenever she’s on stage.

As to the rest of the cast, well such talent can make you feel a little bit jaded, as they serve-up a myriad of eccentric characters, deliver punchlines with precise side-splitting timing, and then go and perform, with musical instruments I might add, in numbers the cast of Hamilton would be chuffed to bits with - show off’s!

And it’s all done on Gabriella Slade’s exquisite set that is bursting with smart pointers to what’s in store, including a lot of scaffolding (don’t worry, no spoilers)

There are perhaps one too many panto-esque moments and the movement scene in Act 2 felt a little at odds with the Up Pompeii and Lock Stock feel to the overall piece but these are very, very minor quibbles with another McBryde must see show that you could easily watch a number of times.

Great storytelling, a wonderful cast and a spectacle for eyes, ears and your soul, Moll has come home and she’s done us proud.

Neil D’Arcy-Jones