SCHOOL boys have been approached by a man who asked them to go with him in Dovercourt.

Police are urging people to be alert after two 12-year-old boys were stopped by a man in Chase Lane at 8.15am on Friday, October 19.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "This was a worrying incident for the two boys as the man asked them to go with him.

"When they refused, he moved aside to let them pass.

"Neither of the boys were touched or physically harmed in any way.

"We are taking the report very seriously and we urge people to be alert, but not alarmed."

The motivation for the man stopping the boys is unclear and officer do not believe at this stage any similar incidents have been reported.

Officers will be conducting reassurance patrols and house to house enquiries.

Anyone with concerns or information is asked to contact Essex Police on 101.