The owner of a personalised ‘F1’ number plate has turned down a £10m offer for it.

Afzal Khan bought the plate from Essex County Council for less than £500,000 a decade ago.

The plate is now registered to Mr Khan’s Bugatti Veyron SuperSport.

The plate was bought from County Hall bosses for £440,625, in 2008, after being owned by the authority for more than 100 years.

Mr Kahn, a luxury car designer, is a prolific Instagram user and regularly updates followers on his fleet of cars... and registration plates.

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Speaking to a national newspaper, he said: "I have more than 60 unique registration numbers from 1 NVV and 4 AK to NO 4 and K4 AHN.

"For the recent Royal wedding, I put 4HRH on a four-wheel drive Mercedes and within days I had an offer of £1 million for it.

"Every registration number tells its own story which generates interest in its history – and whoever is behind the wheel."

Angela Banhsaid, an expert at, added: "F1 is an outstanding registration.

"Ever since Mr Kahn bought the plate from Essex County Council in 2008 we have been watching with interest to see whether he decides to keep it for himself.

"Number one registrations are always highly-sought after and command good prices but F1 is a special case.

"Not only does it have obvious appeal to anyone concerned with Formula 1 motor racing but also anyone who wants to make an impression behind the wheel."

The expert added if Mr Khan does decide to sell, it could set a new record price and be the "most expensive registration in the world".

Affluent Mr Kahn's decision to turn down £10m comes at a time when the plate's previous owners are consulting on closing one-third of the county's libraries in a bid to save £2m-a-year. 

The plans have been met with opposition, with petitions springing up across the county to fight the proposals.

Essex County Council says no final decisions have been taken.