A MAN has described the moment he apprehended a killer trying to escape from the murder scene.

Florin Ion was jailed for life on Thursday after setting upon mum Julie Hunt and kicking her to death while she was on her way to work at Lakeside.

Brentwood Live:

Apprehended - Florin Ion

Ion was detained by brave members of the public shortly after the vicious attack.

A 26-year-old man, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, said he had no idea Ion had killed someone when he caught him.

The man, from Brentwood, said: “I was at work on the day and had left my car at the gates when someone rang me to say my car had been broken into.

“I came down to see what was going on and could see the window had been smashed.

“I thought the guy had fled into the bushes and was about to move my car inside the gates when I realised the guy was hiding in the footwell of my car.

“He was dressed all in black so I couldn’t see him at first.”

Ion then jumped out of the car and started threateningly the man. He added: “He was acting like he had a knife and was going to pull something out and then started throwing stones at me.

“I realised he didn’t have a knife and I was so mad about my car so me and a colleague jumped on him.

“I’m 6’8’’ and was quite a lot bigger than him so I think he got a surprise.”

The man sat on him until police arrived and was then told Ion had beaten Julie Hunt to death at the roadside nearby.

He added: “I saw the air ambulance land nearby but I had no idea until the police arrested him for attempted murder, which was a massive shock.

“And then in the car on the way to police station the policeman told me she had sadly died and it was now a murder investigation.

“It’s awful but I am glad I had a hand in bringing him to justice. It could have been anyone – sometimes I bring my partner to work with me and she then walks to Lakeside. It’s terrifying.”

Essex Police and Julie’s family expressed gratitude to the men for helping apprehend Ion. Ion was jailed for life and must serve a minimum of 18 years.

Brentwood Live:

Tragic - mum Julie Hunt