THE Brexit Party have topped the results in the European Parliament elections.

The party, led by Nigel Farage, won the most votes in the East of England.

Across the whole of the region, which houses Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, 1,603,017 people turned out to vote.

Of this 9,589 votes were rejected.

The Brexit Party won 604,715 votes, with the Liberal Democrats coming second with 361,563 votes.

In third place came the Green Party with 202,460 votes, with the Conservatives only receiving163,830 votes.

The turnout for the vote was 36.7 per cent across the whole region.

In Tendring it was 36 per cent, Colchester and Maldon had 35 per cent turnout and Braintree had 33 per cent.

The seven elected MEPs for the region are:

  • Richard Tice, Brexit Party
  • Michael Heaver, Brexit Party
  • June Mummery, Brexit Party
  • Barbara Gibson, Liberal Democrat
  • Lucy Nethsingha, Liberal Democrat
  • Catherine Rowett, Green
  • Geoffrey Van Orden, Conservative

The breakdown of the vote:

Change UK The Independent Group: 58,274 votes (3.65 per cent)

Conservative and Unionist Party: 163,830 votes (10.25 per cent)

English Democrats: 10,217 votes (0.64 per cent)

Green Party: 202,460 votes (12.67 per cent)

Labour Party: 139,490 votes (8.73 per cent)

Liberal Democrats: 361,563 votes (22.62 per cent)

The Brexit Party: 604,715 votes (37.83 per cent)

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 54,676 votes (3.42 per cent)

Independent (Attila Csordas): 3,230 votes (0.20 per cent)

Mr Trice, who is Brexit Party chairman, said the Brexit Party's success both in the East of England and nationally sent a clear message to Westminster that millions of people wanted a WTO (World Trade Organisation) Brexit.

He also said his party should play a significant role in future Brexit negotiations.

Speaking to the Press Association after the results, he added: "We are incredibly humbled by the fact that millions of others across the country are backing our simple message to restore trust in democracy, and are sending a clear message back to Westminster that we want a WTO Brexit.

"We need strong, bold leadership and we need the Brexit Party MEPs to play a significant role in the negotiations."

Mr Tice said that manifestos had become "completely discredited in British politics" and that his party will reach out to its supporters to help draw up its policies for the next general election.

He added: "We have already seen in British politics manifestos have become completely discredited.

"We will put forward some policies. We are going to reach out to our registered supporters and have a conversation with the country to make sure that we know exactly the main things that are concerning people.

"We are going to trust the people. Then when we are ready for a general election will have experienced, successful candidates from all walks of life.

"We didn't have a manifesto in this election but stood on the confidence in our candidates and a clear, simple message."

On Twitter Braintree MP James Cleverly said: "Clear message from voters is that they’re furious with both Labour and Conservatives, and still deeply split over Brexit.

"Labour need to work out what they stand for.

"We Conservatives need to deliver Brexit, as we promised, and then set about healing the divide."

Brentwood Live:

  • The Brexit Party's new Eastern region MEPs Michael Heaver, June Mummery and Richard Tice.

In Tendring, the Brexit Party polled 54.9% of the vote, with the Lib Dems coming second with 12.9%. The Green Party received 9.0%, Conservatives 8.4%, Labour 6.5% and Ukip 5.6%.

Newly-elected Brexit Party MEP Michael Heaver said: "The people have spoken and are demanding that a proper Brexit is delivered.

"The support received by the Brexit Party has been truly phenomenal and I would like to thank the people of Tendring, where the Brexit Party incredibly received a majority of the vote.

"The Brexit Party demands a WTO Brexit, we are firmly against handing over £39 billion to the EU for nothing in return and with a mandate direct from the people we will now demand a significant role in the negotiations because the current lot were turned over by the EU with Theresa May left trying to sell a disaster deal.

"It was terrific to see so many patriotic people support the Brexit Party in Clacton at one of our very first events where I spoke alongside Nigel Farage.

"Please rest assured that we will now work tirelessly defending our democracy and battling for Brexit.

"The Brexit Party is not going away and will also be standing in the General Election so that we can change politics for good in Westminster as well."