A 'DRUNK woman' had to be rescued from the River Chelmer.

The woman, reportedly intoxicated, after leaving a nearby nightclub on Springfield Road, jumped into the river, and was swiftly rescued by security staff and police.

Fire crews also attended but were not needed in the resuce, but gave her medical attention, using a decontamination pack to ensure she was kept warm, clean and safe until the Ambulance Service arrived.

Watch Manager Nick Singleton, Chelmsford Fire Station, said:

"When we arrived, the woman had already been rescued from the river by security staff and the local policing team.

"Last night was very cold and the water was freezing - no one could have survived for a long time in those conditions.

"Had it not been for the quick decisions and actions of the security staff and police, this woman could have been in real trouble."

"With the festive season upon us this is a stark reminder of the situations people can find themselves in when they've had too much to drink.

"When the woman decided to jump into that river she did not consider the consequences for herself or others around her.

"Please, please make sure you stay in control of your situation and surroundings when you are drinking, particularly when you are near water - it is usually far colder than you think and it is never safe to enter when you have alcohol in your system.

"We want to make sure everyone has a happy and safe Christmas this year and remembers it for the right reasons."