DOZENS of clubbers were hit with the winter vomiting bug - norovirus, just 24 hours after going to Sugar Hut's New Year's Eve bash, according to club bosses.

The £30-per-ticket event, saw party-goers queue for hours to get in before social media exploded with revellers saying they were violently sick the following day.

After two days of investigations, a statement has been released on Twitter in response to the mob of angry clubbers who claimed their new year was ruined after celebrating 2020 in the Brentwood venue.

Dan Perrin, group music and events director at the club, posted a 700-word statement on Twitter late last night stating it would be the club's last public comment on it.

He said they would be deep cleaning the club and hit back at customers who "got very nasty".

The statement, said: "So this comes from me personally. If it were a Sugar Hut statement I'd probably have to 'sugar coat' it a bit but I am on day four of giving up smoking and I have been very disappointed to see some people's true colours and encouraged by the support of others so I'm going to speak from the heart a bit now.

"Okay, so first up if you are ill or have been ill since New Year's Eve then it looks almost certain you have the Norovirus (also known as the winter vomiting bug). This is also the very likely case in all instances so far which is also the opinion of the authorities.

"If you would like confirmation of this for yourself then you will need to provide a sample (ew btw) [sic] to the council very soon as the bug only stays in your system for a few days. "That's the only way to test every case."

He then went on to publish guidance from NHS website on how norovirus can spread.

He added: "In other words this is a contagious virus much like a common cold in that is spreads from person to person not from ice machines, air conditioning units, faulty dishwasher machines or poisoned drinks (to discount a few of the accusations levelled at us over the past few days).

"We don't serve food so that leaves either person-to-person or from surfaces. You will, I'm sure, have seen that we have cleaners through the night but obviously we can't clean every surface every time someone touches it anywhere in the venues.

"Basically it is very annoying and lame but it's just bad luck and 'one of those things'.

"Now, I totally understand it is a nightmare to be ill at the start of the year (or anytime) and can also see why you would assume it is something wrong at the venue. I would probably have jumped to the same conclusion so that's no problem.

"Most of you were very cool and reasonable in the circumstances. Obvs [sic] you're going to be a bit annoyed and I also get that when something like this happens you're going to make memes (again, I would probably do the same).

"However, there is a small percentage who got very nasty. Calling for the venue to be shut down on total assumptions is pretty wrong. That is people's jobs and livelihoods at stake not to mention your local club.

"It is easy to get away with mob or bullying mentality on social media but try to remember there are real people on the other end of your comments and real consequences.

"As it turned out, this could have happened anywhere - in your house, at work, wherever.

"This is the last thing we wanted to happen a month after opening and if you knew the amount of time, money and passion (and literally blood and tears) which goes into creating venues you love then you would know how much it hurts to have so much hate thrown at you when you have done your very very best. That goes for my whole team.

"If you've been ill then hopefully you're feeling a bit better by now and although it is not something which was under our control we're sorry that you had to go through it.

"All that remains to say is that we will of course be deep cleaning and steaming every inch of the club and hopefully can get back to music and fun plans for 2020.

"It's all love and for everyone apart from a tiny minority of trolls, thank you for your understanding and patience.

"I would also like to point out that the restaurant adjoining the club is a separate entity and do some really great food. Please also support them as a local business trying to get off to a good start."

Advice from the NHS states you can catch norovirus from close contact with someone with the virus, touching surfaces or objects that have the virus on them, then touching your mouth, or eating food that's been prepared or handled by someone with norovirus.

The bar reopened under new ownership in November after being sold by businessman Mick Norcross.