THERE is no risk to public health following a chemical leak in Thurrock.

Essex Fire Service has been working with a Health, Safety and Environment expertise agency who have assessed the air quality at the site of the chemical leak in Thurrock.

The agency has monitored the air quality across the site, including directly next to the chemical leak, and all the readings have shown that it is well within safe levels.

It has therefore been determined that there is no perceived risk to public health.

The Environmental Agency has also been working at the scene.

A spokesman said: “Our air quality team has been working alongside Public Health England to assess the air quality impact of the chemical spill on the general public.

"We have undertaken off-site air quality monitoring in the vicinity of the site, but following liaison with Public Health England, there are no current plans to continue this.

"As this is a regulated site, we will be supporting an investigation with Health and Safety Executive into the causes of this incident.”

A Public Health England spokesman said: "Public Health England is content that the air quality monitoring today by the Environment Agency shows that the readings are normal, which means that the risk to public health is low."

Thurrock Council has also confirmed that all schools will be open as normal on Wednesday.

Oliver Road and Stoneness Road will be re-opening this evening.

The fire service will continue to monitor the site over the coming days.