PANIC-BUYERS are being warned to ease up as the country’s leaders and supermarkets continue to say there is enough food to go round.

Panic buying has swept south Essex with huge queues of shoppers waiting to buy food and other goods in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the government advice, people are still finding it difficult to access essential goods.

One Basildon resident attempted to get her weekly food shop with her elderly mum yesterday, but after three hours, she gave up and came home with nothing.

The woman said: “I went to do my weekly shopping got up at 6am. It’s now 9am and still have no shopping.

“At 6.45am Asda Basildon had around 200 people waiting. We went to my local Iceland and instead of opening at 8am as usual there opening at 9am just for supposedly the elderly but some are saying they’re elderly just to get in.

“So for me to get shopping for my 73-year-old mum and dad I have to wait till 10am and by that time there will be nothing left.

“I am trying to limit my parents’ exposure but cannot get any shopping.

“Society has broken down and some people are going hungry because we cannot get any basic shopping.”