NANDO’S staff donated 100 meals to hospital workers as a “thank you” for their magnificent efforts amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The team from Nando’s, in Mayflower Retail Park, Basildon, refused to let any food go to waste by giving away wraps, burgers, rice and fillets to those working on the frontline in Basildon Hospital in an effort to keep us all safe.

Brentwood Live:

Packed up - on the way to Basildon Hospital

Courtney Brunning, supervisor at Nando’s in Mayflower Retail Park, said: “Nando’s does a lot for charity on a daily basis, especially for those who are homeless, but on Wednesday we had a lot of stock that was close to its expiry date. This meant if it wasn’t used, it would be wasted.

“We know in these tiring and scary times that the NHS staff are working so hard to ensure we’re all safe, so when deciding to help those who are in need, they were our number one option.

“It was the least we can do when they don’t get breaks and if they do it’s for ten minutes at most.

“We gave 15 burgers, 15 wraps, 5 tubs of rice and then the rest in fillets, along with a pack of wraps and pittas so they could make them how they would like them.

“They made our safety a top priority and cordoned off a part of the hospital so we could transfer these meals with no risk of contamination of this virus.”

The team are urging all major food outlets to follow suit during this difficult time.

Brentwood Live:

Delivery - staff were very appreciative

She added: “Nando’s are never ones to throw food in the bin as we’re always about giving, so donating to whoever possible will always be an option, no doubt.

“We urge all major food outlets to think about others and spread the help and love to those who are struggling or working so hard to get us through this pandemic.”

“To be a part of making the food alongside my co-workers Ashlea Austin and Craig Wills was very rewarding.”

A Nando’s spokesperson, said: “Giving the team at Basildon Hospital some Peri-Peri yesterday was the least we could do while they work so tirelessly under extremely stressful conditions.

“We hope it kept them going during their long shift.”

Not only is Covid-19 having an impact on NHS staff, but the virus has cancelled events in and around Basildon.

The Billericay soapbox derby has been cancelled as a result of coronavirus.

The Billericay Mayflower Rotary Club has cancelled the derby, which attracts thousands of spectators. It was scheduled for May 10.

Yvonne Kyndt, the president of the rotary club, issued a statement.

She said: “The rotary club regrets to announce that Billericay Soapbox Derby 2020 will not take place on May 10th.

“However, we are currently exploring the possibility of finding another date on which this hugely popular event might possibly take place.

“Apologies to those involved and many thanks for your support.

The Basildon soapbox derby, which is set to take place for the first time this year, is still expected to take place on July 18.