KIND-HEARTED volunteers are planning to do all they can to help vulnerable people. 

About ten volunteers in the Southend and Shoebury areas have taken it upon themselves to collate care packages of essential items to give to isolated elderly people – all from their own pockets.

The group was formed by a mum from Shoebury, who has launched an appeal for anyone to come forward to help.

The 39-year-old said: “We are in constant touch with a major supermarket who are allowing us to take certain items that we are giving to the elderly and the vulnerable who are isolated.

“These care packages are not donated by the store; it is what we are making up by ourselves out of our own personal funds.

“Unfortunately, times are very sad and a lot of people will prey on the vulnerable in order to profit for themselves.

“We have decided to give these packages completely free of charge and deliver completely free of charge to those in need.

“However, with only three donations it’s proving very difficult for us so we would really like the community support.

“A care package is consisted of toilet roll paracetamol, biscuits, tea Bags, UHT milk, crossword books, jigsaws, most essentials that they need.

“We have leaflets in the local supermarket and shops and some have been delivered through the doors of the vulnerable with telephone numbers. I can’t stress enough how this kind of thing has to be offered free so that we are not opening up our vulnerable to be scammed.

“I delivered a care package yesterday to an 84-year-old lady completely isolated and alone with no family. It had toilet roll and paracetamol with soap, newspaper and a puzzle book with some milk or which she selected from a list of options.”

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