RESIDENTS have been tickled pink after an innocent woollen treasure hunt got an adult twist.

For the past few weeks, people in Sible Hedingham have been creating little wool toys and decorations for children to collect.

The creations are hung from trees and bushes for children to find on walks with their families during the lockdown.

Brentwood Live: Some of the more innocent creationsSome of the more innocent creations

However, the treasure hunt was given an unexpected adult twist when wool creations got saucy.

Residents were amazed to find someone had hung up something a little more risqué for adults across the village.

Villagers found the stunt hilarious with the community Facebook page being flooded with comments.

People began actively seeking out and collecting the woollen decorations with people saying they wanted them for their Christmas trees and hanging them from the rear view mirror in their car.

Resident Sharon Louise Smith said: “I’m not sure who the creator is but they have bought a giggle to many.

“So important in these challenging times.”