FIREFIGHTERS tackled a large number of tyres alight in Parkeston.

Two crews from Dovercourt were called to the blaze, near Una Road, at about 2pm on Thursday.

About 20 calls were made to the fire service about the plumes of smokes which could be seen over Parkeston. 

Brentwood Live:

Firefighters at the scene reported the row of tyres measured about 150 metres.

By 4pm the fire was completely extinguished by the crews.

Jodie Henniker, who lives in Una Road, said: " I thought someone was having a bonfire at first but my son and I decided to walk round to see, that’s when we realised the bushes were on fire on the old banger racing track."

"This was around 2.15pm but it must of started a little while before this."

Rob Passmore, chairman of Ramsey and Parkeston Parish Council, said: "As there had been no rain and it's been so dry this fire could have been a lot worse and caused a bigger issue.

"Any fire is an absolute nightmare."

The cause of the fire remains unknown.