A major sporting event has been cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.

Organisers have cancelled he Saltmarsh Ultra-Marathon in Maldon after agreeing it is too high a risk.

The Ultra-Marathon, which was due to take place on October 3, is a 38-mile timed trail challenge through the districts seawall and pathways.

Organisers originally planned for a 52 mile trail but had to shorten the course due to coronavirus, and now they have cancelled the event all together.

In an online statement, organisers said: "We cannot in good conscience go ahead and put the public at risk, or be seen as a ‘green light’ for others to plan or proceed with activities that could ultimately cause this virus to spread unnecessarily.

Organisers did consider putting on a virtual event but decided to put that on hold and come back bigger and better next year.

They said: "Of course we have given consideration to putting on a ‘Virtual’ event…..but honestly, the time has come to call this a ‘fallow’ year for the Saltmarsh event and come back next year bigger, stronger and brighter.

"We as a team are incredibly disappointed, especially as the medals arrived yesterday also... but largely we do not want to let anyone down. We know how many of you have been looking forward to it and training hard. Please don't stop - we will be back, as soon as is safe to do so.

"We really must do a shout out to our wonderful partners who without them we would not be able to deliver this event and for their support in trying to achieve the Ultra this year.

"Thank you EssexRAYNET, Essex 4x4 Response & Essex Community First Aid Volunteers Events and Training."

For more information and refunds email thesaltmarsh75@maldon.gov.uk.