TODAY’S pets column features two much-loved dogs.

They are Baby Buttons, named after the character in Cinderella, and Little Benji and they belong to Linda Kingstone and husband Gerry.

Both are Shih Tzu.

Linda, who lives in Stanway, says Little Benji has been “through the ringer”.

At the age of three he developed cataracts and this turned into glaucoma in both eyes.

He had surgery but, sadly, his eyes became badly inflamed.

Linda was told he would have to have an eye removed and the other is going the same way, sadly.

Brentwood Live:

“He has eye drops three times a day to keep the pressure down and it’s working at the moment, but sadly he will lose his eye due to the cataracts and glaucoma,” she said.

Linda and ‘master baker’ Gerry owned Blackberry Bakery in Stanway for 25 years.

She says their dogs are great characters and mean everything to them.

“Gerry’s also got a springer spaniel called Poppy and we love our dogs,” added Linda.

“Baby Buttons is a great character and mothers Little Benji.

“She’s so protective.”

Brentwood Live: