A HUGE unlicenced music event in Essex saw 200 people attend a rave in a field.

Essex Police officers had objects thrown at them when called to the scene last night at 11pm.

Police arrived at the field, near Forest Drive in Theydon Bois, and saw a DJ was playing loud music through a sound system.

As officers first tried to engage, they were met with some hostility and had objects thrown at them. No officers were struck or injured.

During this time, some attendees began leaving the area and shortly after 1am the music was turned off and larger crowds began to leave.

A police spokesman said: "At that stage the attendees were friendly, calm and compliant and thanked officers for their help in leaving the area.

"Among the items seized by officers are a set of decks, speakers and a generator.

"One man has been arrested on suspicion of a breach of coronavirus legislation."

Police officers remained in the area overnight to ensure no other events took place.

Brentwood Live:

Items left on the floor at the scene 

Chief Superintendent Tom Simons said: “Essex Police does not tolerate attacks, no matter how minor, upon officers who are just doing their job by responding to incidents reported to them by the public.

“In this instance, thankfully no officers were injured and the attendees did eventually disperse when they were asked to do so and that is a credit to the officers who attended the scene and worked under very difficult circumstances.

“As a result of our initial investigations, we have seized a number of items of musical equipment and one man has been arrested.

“As you will appreciate, the investigation is in its early stages and where action is required, we will take it.”