There is more than one occasion when most people in Essex might think...this could only happen in Essex. 

So in the spirit of our banter and behaviour, here are  things that could happen Only in Essex.

Some of the following may be offensive.

Most people to ride a theme park ride..... naked

Yes, really....

A total of 102 people stripped off and road the Green Scream rollercoaster at Adventure Island, Southend, on August 8, 2010.

Brentwood Live:

The ride had 40 seats, so the rollercoaster went three times to accommodate all the naked visitors – who travelled from across the UK to take part.

They helped raised £22,000 for Bosom Pals, an appeal in aid of the breast cancer unit at Southend Hospital.

Cyclists strip off for annual naked bike ride

Brentwood Live:

Sticking with the nudity theme, cyclists have enjoyed getting on their bikes for a ride around town all while in the buff. 

The annual “bare as you dare” event sees cyclists shed their clothes in a protest against car culture and dependency on oil.

In previous years it has taken place in Colchester, Chelmsford and Clacton. 

A pet owner walking a rabbit

Men had to be rescued from a tumble dryer 

Fire crews had to free three young men after they became trapped inside an industrial tumbler dryer last year.

Two of the men had already climbed into the tumble dryer when a third man's ankles became trapped in the door when he tried to crawl in after them.

Chuch bells ring... to tell owls the time

 Cows and sheep reported on the railway lines

This is more of a regular occurance than you may think...

Gimp Man of Essex makes visits across the county

The self-declared Gimp Man of Essex has in the past been spotted at locations across the county. 

Brentwood Live:

The saga of the Essex lion

Back in 2012 a cat sparked a police hunt in St Osyth after residents feared they had spotted a lion.

The big cat was seen in fields off Earls Hall Drive and residents were told to stay indoors as search teams worked throughout the night to track down the large cat.

Essex Police has enlisted the help of experts from Colchester Zoo who said they believed the sighting to be genuine. 

In the end it was thought the sighting was in fact just a domestic cat. 

Whoop whoop! Is this da sound of Essex Police?

Brentwood Live:

In 2014 a video of a police car seemed it patrolling the High Street at night, with KRS-One's 1993 single Sound Of Da Police playing loudly and driving by.

The video is now became an internet sensation, racking up thousands of views in just 24 hours.

Southend house looks like Mr Blobby

Brentwood Live:

Steve O’Rourke discovered his new look home in Hamstel Road, Southend, after returning from a two-week honeymoon in Rhodes with wife Hayley.

It was payback by Steve’s brother Russell who six years ago came back from his own honeymoon to find Steve had bricked up his driveway on Poynings Avenue.

Runaway bird goes for a stroll down the A12

Brentwood Live: Colin the rhea left drivers in a flap on the A12 after making his way onto the carriageway PICTURE: Luke ScofieldColin the rhea left drivers in a flap on the A12 after making his way onto the carriageway PICTURE: Luke Scofield

Rush hour commuters were left in a real flap after a rhea-peat offender did another disappearing act and wandered onto the A12.

The stunned motorists were left rubbing their eyes in disbelief when they spotted the flightless bird - usually more at home in South America than in north Colchester - in their rhea-view mirrors as they drove past the JobServe Community Stadium.

Wasp problems...

The most embarrassing road to live in 

Brentwood Live:

There is no denying Essex has its fair share of rude, funny or downright odd road names.

From Tom Tit Lane, in Woodham Mortimer to Fiddlers Folley, in Colchester, the county's road names have provided many laughs for passers-by.

Back in 2014 Turkey Cock Lane was named as one of the most embarrassing roads to live in.

And one resident was desperate to move there just for its name.

Holly Jago-Eagland, 34, was far from dissuaded by the so-called rude name and instead waited years for a house to come up for sale in the quaint country road.

Porn actors caught in the act under town hall

Filming for a pornographic movie took place in a former restaurant at Colchester Town Hall.

It is understood noises prompted a member of Town Hall security to stumble across the risque filming in one of the disused areas which housed The Cells – a prison-themed restaurant.

At the time Colchester Council was renting the area to the owners who did not know filming was taking place.

Rare black foxes were spotted roaming the streets 

Brentwood Live: Charlotte Ramsey captured this shot of the black fox in Mile EndCharlotte Ramsey captured this shot of the black fox in Mile End

A pack of rare black foxes were spotted roaming the streets of Colchester after someone released them from their home.

The animals, which belong to exotic animals expert Richard Ashton, were let out of their temporary accommodation overnight.

Dozens of shocked residents spotted the animals roaming the streets, believing them to be wild versions of the rare beast.