An area of Essex has been named among the most expensive places to buy a used car - with another area among the best places to buy. 

New research by Moneybarn has revealed the cheapest, most expensive, best and worst places in the UK to buy a used car.

As part of the study which looked at the best places to buy a car around the UK, Romford was the cheapest place to buy a used car, with an average price of £5,894 for a Ford Fiesta, the UK’s most popular car.

Newcastle Upon Tyne was in second place, with an average price of £7,193, and Derby was third with an average cost of £7,397.

The research found Basildon was one of the most expensive places to buy a used car. 

The town was sixth on the list with the average cost of a second hand Ford Fiesta at £13,698. 

Grays also made the list at number 19 with a Fiesta costing £11,971. 

Burton on Trent, Keighley and Poole were among the worst rated places to buy a car.

By comparison Weston-super-Mare was ranked as the best followed by Cannock and Canterbury.

Colchester made the list of one of the best places to buy a car finishing in the table in 12th place.

The research found it had 71.5 per cent excellent reviews and just 15.9 per cent terrible.