AN NHS worker and mother-of-four says she is now “petrified” of going clubbing after became like a “tranquilised animal” after she believes her drink was spiked.

Flo Musenga, 42, of Monkwick, Colchester, headed out to Silk Road, in St Botolph’s Street, Colchester, on November 6 with a group of her closest friends.

After arriving at the venue she ordered a double vodka and lemonade but says the next thing she remembers is being approached by a strange man who asked her back to his home.

Her friends, however, managed to get her into nearby Southern Friend Chicken before she took a turn for the worse.

Brentwood Live:

“I was so lost and confused,” added Flo, who is a student nurse at Colchester Hospital.

“From that point I could barely walk and I started vomiting blood and had a nosebleed. There was a lot of panic.

“My eyes kept rolling back into my head, I could not move and was completely unresponsive on the floor.

“My partner arrived and said I look liked a tranquilised animal - my legs were twitching one minute but then the next I was up.”

Flo, whose youngest child is just six-months-old, eventually went to hospital where she was tested for drugs and reported her ordeal to the police.

Despite regularly hitting the town, the frontline worker now says she would prefer to stay indoors and fears what might have happened.

She added: “I do drink quite a bit and I go out fairly often, so I would like to believe I can handle my alcohol quite well.

“But I am petrified now and I do not believe I will be going out anytime soon, if at all.

“It was so scary and God forbid what would have happened to be me if I had gone home with the person who asked me to.”

Brentwood Live: Silk Road boss Osman RasihSilk Road boss Osman Rasih

Osman Rasih, owner and manager of Silk Road, has now responded to the reported incident at his venue.

He said: “We are a family-run business of 14 years and take security extremely seriously.

“We operate with an in-house security team of seven, as well as a team of six bar-staff and three floor staff

"We have a 100 per cent search policy in place on entry, all drinks left unattended are removed and poured away, and we have extensive CCTV footage of 58 cameras covering all areas of the bar.

“We have also recently requested testing kits to further aid us in the event of any allegations of drink spiking.

"We also voted at our Pub Watch meeting for full, town venue bans to be handed out to spiking offenders that would be served even if a custodial sentence is handed out by the courts. 

“On this particular occasion we went through two hours of footage from the moment the customer walked through our front door until the time the customer left our venue.

Brentwood Live:

"This was done alongside Essex Police officers and we found no evidence of spiking.

“But we are happy to extend an invitation to the customer in question to come and review the extensive CCTV footage personally if they so wish.

“Any allegations of spiking are met with full co-operation between us and the police.

“To date we have yet to have a single confirmed case of spiking in our venue but will continue to uphold the strongest stance in line with our drinks spiking policy.”

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The latest incident comes after a number of reports of suspected drink spiking in Colchester since August.

Officers from Colchester CID are pursuing a number of investigations into the spiking reports.

One man has been arrested and released on bail until December 29.

A spokesman for the force said: “If you have any information please call us on 101.”