A WORRIED parent who was told a crossing would be operational outside a school by the end of last year says the work has still not been carried out.

Last October Essex County Council reassured residents a light-controlled crossing would be installed near Kirby Primary Academy, in Halstead Road, by December.

The authority’s spokesman said the work had meant to start in January 2020 but delays seemingly pushed the completion date back - by nearly two years.

Despite Essex County Council’s end-of-year promise three months ago, Emma Aldous, 41, from Clays Road, Walton, says the crossing has still not been started.

Brentwood Live:

“As far as I am aware there is no indication of work starting on this supposed crossing as we go into another year and term of school,” she said.

“It is frustrating for all of us, and I just feel until there is an accident nothing will be done – I wonder if we need clarification from the council as to what year they meant.

“With the new housing in Halstead Road there is already more traffic and there is now the Yellow Brick Road Nursery, which has opened at The Bakers Hall.

“This will potentially mean more people who will want to cross the road, especially if they also have children at Kirby Primary Academy.”

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Emma, whose five-year-old son Dexter attends the Halstead Road school, first raised concerns over the lack of crossing after being nearly struck down by a car in the area.

She felt the road had become dangerous after the site’s crossing patrol officer, who had reportedly governed the area for more than 30 years, moved on.

Brentwood Live:

Emma and other parents have since believed it is only a matter of time before someone – be it a child or parent – is seriously injured on their way to the school.

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “Work was planned to install this crossing, however, when the operatives got on site in December they discovered a cable which was not on the plans.

“We are currently waiting for confirmation on when the utility company will relocate this cable as work can’t continue safely until it has been moved.”