HEALTH and fitness has a youthful face in Brentwood after a youth ambassador was revealed for an exciting new scheme.

Harry Johnson, ten, of Hutton Mount, was appointed to the new role by Brentwood Leisure Trust to help motivate children to play sport.

Harry, who is now known as Active Harry in his role, will campaign to children and will also write a regular column in the online magazine www.

It is hoped his column and campaign will help the magazine and Brentwood Council get an inside look of how a healthy child looks at the world.

Over the next 12 months, Harry will go on a number of engagements to promote healthy living in kids, including going on a school tour and launching Comic Relief events in Brentwood.

On February 9, Harry will also be hosting a celebrity party at the Embassy Mayfair in London.

Helping him out during the event will be model and television personality Jo-Emma Larvin.