RESIDENTS have expressed their disgust at plans which could see a large mobile phone mast put next to their homes.

A planning application has been submitted to Brentwood Council by mobile phone service providers O2 and Vodafone, to build a 15m lattice tower in Woodway, Hutton, which will act as an antenna.

But people living in the street are angry about the proposals, which are now going through a public consultation until June 17.

They say it will be an eyesore and are worried about the health problems which could be caused.

Julie Pease, 36, lives just a few metres away from the proposed site and is worried about the negative effect it could have, as the tower will have six antenna sticking out, along with two equipment cabinets.

Mrs Pease said: “These plans will be an absolute eyesore and I worry about the health of my two-year-old son Theo and other people. I know a lot of my neighbours feel the same way.”

Her husband Richard, 37, said it would also be out of character with the surroundings and be detrimental to the house they live in.

This could make it more difficult to move if they ever wanted to.

He said: “We specifically chose this area to live in because of the amenities, transport links and schools nearby, but this mast would cause a problem and will have a detrimental effect on our house price should we want to move somewhere else.”

Cornerstone, the company who build the masts for 02 and Vodafone, said it had taken careful consideration with its proposals and the antenna are necessary.

A spokeswoman said: “We recognise some communities are concerned regarding the deployment of radio base stations close to residential areas, but without radio base stations, mobile phones will not be able to work.”

Details of the plans can be found on www.brentwood. which is also where people can submit objections to the proposals.