REMUS Horse Sanctuary in Ingatestone is demanding action after two deaths during this weekend's Grand National.

The favourite Synchronised and All About Pete both perished as the Aintree race once again got nasty.

And Sue Burton, sanctuary manager, said: "The problems with the National are twofold in my opinion.

"Firstly there are too many fences and too many runners.

"Then there are the drop fences – a horse takes off at one side of the fence at say 4ft and lands the other side at 6ft. A horse on its own could do this, but with all those other horses it makes it so dangerous.

"This is too high a price to pay. Too many horses die each year on English racetracks.

"The winner of this year's National made full use of the whip. Racing is the only industry where it is legal to repeatedly beat an animal.

"Remus is urging people to not support the races by placing bets and to ask their MPs to look into the racing industry and to encourage a ban on the use of the whip."