YOUTHS are openly dealing drugs on e-scooters across parts of Basildon, fearful residents have revealed.

Families are scared to walk along paths near their homes in Laindon and Pitsea because of teenagers using the bright orange e-scooters to carry out suspected drug deals down dark alleyways.

Spin launched an e-scooter trial in Basildon in December, alongside Essex County Council.

Since the launch, residents have seen yobs using the scooters for drug deals.


A 66-year-old, from the Willows in Pitsea, who wished to remain anonymous, explained why she’s fearful of the gangs.

She said: “The scooters make it so much easier to make these drug deals.

“There’s large groups of them, that then meet other large groups of teenagers, and you see things being exchanged.

“You have to stay well clear. They’re down all the alleyways.

“They also weave in and out along the pavements. You have to jump out the way, they won’t move out the way of you.

“This is happening a lot around me, and it’s really common in Laindon too.”

Spin’s e-scooters are unlocked by using an app, with a small charge.

Once used, the scooters can be left anywhere on the pavement or side of the road, as long as it is safe.

Kerry Smith, councillor of the Nethermayne ward, has long called for the trial to be scrapped.

He said: “They’re using the alleyways. Pensioners are so scared about going out.

“They’re using them for drug dealing for convenience, and it allows them to get away from police. It’s very scary. They weave in and out of people.

“We were promised before the trial that they weren’t going to be used on the pavements. That was clearly a lie.

“It needs to be scrapped now.”

Former mayor of Basildon David Burton Sampson has also previously urged Essex County Council to scarp the trial.

A spokesman from Spin, said: “Spin has a very close working relationship with Essex Police and the local councils.

“To reiterate, Spin’s e-scooters are GPS-enabled and therefore easy to track if police requests help with suspected criminal activity.

“Anyone who witnesses criminal activity should report it to the police immediately.”

Essex Police was contacted for comment.