POLICE have been accused of “failing to act” over a string of flashing incidents in Langdon Hills, prompting urgent calls for action.

Derrick Fellowes, a former councillor for the Nethermayne Ward, fears the force are taking a “wait and see” approach despite four incidents of flashing last month.

However, police say they are “keeping an open mind” as to whether each of the incidents are linked.

Mr Fellowes, who now fears the next incident could prove more serious, has insisted women are now too scared to walk through parks and woods in the area alone.

He said: “These ladies want some action from the police.

“Having contacted them with the information I have about this, I was really angered at the response I got.”

He added: “It’s an ‘oh lets wait and see’ type of attitude, and as if they are waiting for something else to happen. These poor women won’t go into the woods alone now.

“It’s impacted their lifestyles entirely.

“I don’t want this to escalate into something more serious, which is a worry.”

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It’s believed hotspots for flashing include the woodland near Lee Chapel Lane, as well as a pathway at the intersection between Mandeville Way and Staneway.

Essex Police have assured residents they are treating incidents “extremely seriously” and added “it would not be correct to say we are adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach”.

The Essex force is aware of several reported incidents this year, most recently including April 7, April 19, April 21, and April 22.

A spokesman for the Basildon Community Policing Team, said: “We have taken focused action as a result of these reports, which includes both high-visibility and plain clothes patrols as well as a continued intelligence-gathering plan for the area.

“This has also been a focus as part of an operation across Basildon to tackle such behaviour, not only in the Lee Chapel Lane area but also elsewhere.

“In addition to our dedicated patrols and an operation outlined above, our community policing officers are aware of these reports and patrols of these areas are incorporated into their daily routine.”