A 'DOGGING' meet-up has been planned for Basildon next weekend.

Organisers "Lets Go Dogging" have planned the event in the town, following a similar event was postponed in Canvey earlier this year.

The exact location of the Basildon 'dogging' event hasn't been specified.


A post from the organisers reads: "There is an organised dogging meet-up planned in Basildon next weekend."

Earlier this year a dogging event on Canvey was postponed.

In response to the planned meet-up in Canvey, Essex Police urged people not to attend.

The force launched extra patrols of the area at the time.

At the time organisers said it had been cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances". 

It even prompted Katie Hopkins to share a tongue-in-cheek response to the coverage.

Ms Hopkins, who has generated widespread controversy for her outspoken views on various issues, took to her social media feeds to have her say on the issue.

She said: "A police force has been forced to clarify and insists that travelling to a so-called 'dogging' event will not be classed as essential travel.

"So be aware everybody who is terrified of everything at the moment that 'dogging' is not essential travelling in case you were confused.

"And if you needed a reference point for this there's a website called 'Let's Go Dogging' in a sort of animated and jubilant manner."

She added: "No one should be dogging at any time, certainly not under this terrible, terrible Covid thing we've got going on at the moment."

Anonymous writer and barrister, The Secret Barrister, has also weighed in on the issue with their own tongue-in-cheek response.

Writing on Twitter, they said: "Truly all our great national traditions are under threat. I don’t even recognise our country any more.

"If an Englishman cannot, in the sanctity of his own motor vehicle, travel to watch other citizens going bananas in the sanctity of theirs, then what are we as a country?"