A HUGE Halloween display was destroyed by a group of teenagers who slashed pumpkin inflatables with a knife.

The Southam family are distraught after their annual display at their home on Link Road Canvey, which costs around £500, was destroyed by more than 20 yobs just metres from their front door.

The display, which the family has organised for more than ten years, attracted visitors from across Essex. It was so popular on Sunday night the family was forced to re-stock their trick or treat box of chocolates on more than one occasion.

Brentwood Live: The deflated displayThe deflated display

But the night was ruined at around 10pm, when a huge bang woke mum Donna from bed.


The 39-year-old, who sprinted downstairs with her partner, then chased the teenagers along the street in her pyjamas and slippers.

She said: “We had eggs on the windows too, and so did a lot of the houses along Link Road.

“It was just horrendous, the kids are heartbroken.

“The huge pumpkin man, which costs £120 was their favourite. It’s irreplaceable, we can’t find another one to buy.

“I managed to catch up with about five of them and explained how cross I was. They just said they weren’t from Canvey and that nobody would ever find them.

“I just know they will be bragging about it, it’s horrible.”

This comes just half an hour after up to 30 teenagers launched fireworks at a KFC store on London Road in Benfleet.

Ms Southam added: “We do the display every year for the kids and the community.

“We usually leave it up a few days after, but we haven’t been able to do that this time.

“The children walking past are upset they haven’t been able to see it now. It’s really quite sad.

“We straightaway said we won’t be doing it next year, but seeing how much support we’ve had has changed our minds.

“To see people’s faces light up is why we do it.

“To know that people had driven a long way to see it also makes a real difference to us.”

The Halloween display also feature a fog machine at night.