AN UNMARKED police car belonging to the Metropolitan Police has been stolen near Brentwood.

The grey Skoda Superb Elegance estate car was stolen from outside the house of a police officer in the Met, who lives in Doddinghurst.

It is thought the house was burgled, the keys stolen and the car taken without the thief realising it was an unmarked police car at 12.30am on Thursday, April 17. 

Police are urging motorists to report any sightings of the car which has a DE12-plate, blue police lights and two-tone sound fitted to the car.

A police spokesman said: "We want to make motorists aware that this car is not being driven by a police officer and so they should not pull over if requested to do so by the driver who is probably the individual who stole it.

"We would ask people who see this car on the road to report it to police immediately."

Anyone with information in connection with the whereabouts of this car should contact police on 999 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.