FORMER glamour model Jodie Marsh has tweeted pictures of two men she claims broke into her house in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 14th).

Ms Marsh, who’s now a champion bodybuilder, tweeted pictures of the men captured by the CCTV camera at her house.

Ms Marsh, originally from Brentwood, tweeted: “Police are on their way over and if they can't help I'll be tweeting the images of the two guys. They also broke into my annexe.”

She added: “Tonight and for the foreseeable future I shall have the Calvary at my house waiting for these dicks to return.

“These are the 2 men who broke into my house last night. Please RT and contact essex police with any info x.

“Horrendous jacket and earpiece? Does anyone recognisehim. This is one of the guys who broke into mine. Please RT x.

“This is the other guy who broke into mine last night. Please RT and contact Essex police with any info x.

“The scariest part is that I was home alone last night!!!! Never again. I'm moving friends in as from today!!! Please RT their pictures x.”

An Essex Police spokeswoman said: “Police were contacted just before 10.20am this morning with reports of intrusion in the garden of a property.

“It’s believed it occurred at 3.55am today. Officers will be in touch with the informant to arrange a suitable time to take a statement.”