JANE Eyre: An Autobiography is set to be performed at Chelmsford's Cramphorn Studio later this month.

The show will go ahead on Friday April 13 and Saturday April 14, beginning at 8pm on both nights.

Struggling to think, live and love beyond the stifling expectations of duty, class and convention, governess Jane Eyre and Master Edward Rochester take a dark journey towards sensual and intellectual liberation.

Told through Jane's eyes, English literature's most celebrated autobiographical novel shocked the Victorians, and Charlotte Bronte's gothic subversion of fairytale romance is now distilled for the stage - under its full title - by writer and director Elton Townend Jones.

Performer Rebecca Vaughan embodies everywoman Jane - and several other characters - in this intimate study of love's realities.

This stage adaptation of the classic novel premiered at Assembly Edinburgh in August 2016 to critical acclaim and was No.1 in The List's top-rated shows for theatre drama, and No.6 in the top-rated shows – out of more than 3000.

For full details and to book tickets, visit chelmsford.gov.uk/theatres or call the Box Office on 01245 606505.