A MOTHER still has hope she can give her daughter the burial she deserves, 17 years after her death.

Monday marked the anniversary of Danielle Jones’ murder.

She disappeared in June 2001, and her uncle, Stuart Campbell was convicted of her murder the following year.

Danielle’s mother, Linda Jones, 58, said Danielle is still with her and her sons every day.

She said: “She would be married with children now.

“She wanted to be a nursery nurse.

“She absolutely loved children so I think she would be doing that now.

“I still speak to pictures of Danielle around the house.

“I know it seems strange but its my way of keeping her with us, but it’s not the same.

“We always feel she is there, I have a thing for robins, and it seems they follow me wherever I am.

Danielle was just 15-years-old when she died.

Now her sons, Ryan and Mitchell have children of their own.

Linda said the family have been brought even closer together after the tragedy.

She said: “Ryan and Mitchell do not really like to talk about Danielle’s death.

“Last year really affected Ryan as the police said they had new evidence that may help find Danielle.

“They are understanding it from mine, and my husband, Tony’s side now as parents.

“It was traumatic enough for them as children.”

Linda to this day feels her daughter’s killer has power over her by not allowing her to give Danielle a proper resting place.

Linda said: “Having Danielle’s body back is what we live for. It affects our lives every single day.

“It would mean everything to put her somewhere that is nice, well kept and people can visit. “We have never had a place we can go to and be with her.

On anniversaries we go to St Clere’s school where there is a memorial for her, but we want somewhere she can be buried with dignity.

“We want justice for Danielle.

“We did receive justice when Campbell went to prison, but we cannot go anywhere that the boys can actually spend time with her.”

In four years time Campbell could be given parole for the murder of Danielle, who would be 32 now.

Linda has supported the ‘no body no parole’ campaign which would mean killers receive longer prison sentences if they do not reveal where their victim’s body is.

Speaking about Campbell’s effect on Linda’s family, she said: “He has blown us all apart. If he is not going to tell us, he should not be allowed to leave prison.

“Parliament are on the verge of making a decision but their idea of on the verge is different to ours.”

The Jones’ family are paying tribute to Danielle to mark the anniversary, Linda hopes one day she will be able to give her a proper funeral.