Firefighters rescued an elderly man from house fire.

Crews rushed to Waveney Drive, Chelmsford, yesterday at 9:16am.

The man was rescued after the fire started in his bedroom.

Crews were called to the semi-detached property after the man's son dialled 999 after being alerted by a smoke alarm within the house.

When crews entered the building, the entire upstairs was smoke logged.

Fire crews rescued the man by 9.31am, before extinguishing the fire completely by 9.53am.

The upstairs of the property has been affected by smoke damage. The man was taken to hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation.

Nick Singleton, Watch Manager at Chelmsford Fire Station, said: "This incident shows the dangers of keeping combustible materials near to electrical appliances - particularly lights and heating sources.

"We believe that the heat from a bedside light has caused some tissues to ignite. Our advice is to keep areas where electrical items are powered on or charging clear of anything which may catch fire.

"Fortunately, the professionalism of our firefighters have prevented this from becoming a much more serious incident. I have absolutely no doubt that their quick-thinking actions have saved this man's life."