Summer is finally on the way – and it has brought dog sun loungers and sunscreen with it.

B&M, which has stores across Essex, is now flogging the loungers for your furry friends at just £14.99, which will be perfect for relaxing outside.

And to make sure your canine pal can enjoy the sunshine too without getting burnt, the bargain retailer is also selling sunscreen wipes for dogs.

The raised beds are also suitable for inside as well as protecting their fur from parasites in the garden.

The beds are available in grey and green and they come in the size of 129cm x 80cm.

Pets might struggle to cope when the temperature rise, and can they can get sunburn just like humans do in the blistering heat – so what better way to protect them than with handy Petkin Suncreen Dog Wipes?

The easy-to-use wipes are just £1.99 and compare to SPF 15 rated sunscreen for humans – so you know your dog is well protected.