A DAZED elderly woman was driving the wrong way on the M25 until a brave police officer stepped in.

Officer Arran Groom, from Brentwood’s community policing team, was able to stop the vehicle travelling at speed the wrong direction on the busy motorway.

The vehicle was brought to a halt in a live lane, at approximately 10.30pm on August 13.

The brave officer was able to step over the central reservation and get the driver to safety.

The driver, an elderly woman, was described as being dazed and confused at the scene.

A proud Arran Groom, said: “I was on my way to get a statement when I heard over the radio about a vehicle driving the wrong way on the M25.

"Suddenly I came across it. Initially I was in shock and then instinct kicked in.

“I had a second or so to think about what to do and I did what I thought was sensible, which was to use my emergency lights.

“I believe she would have ended up crashing in the end, potentially killing other drivers and herself. I'd like to think I saved her life, although we will never know.”

Chief Inspector Lewis Basford, District Commander for Brentwood and Epping, said: “PC Arran Groom’s natural reaction was to save lives and his instinct took over.

“His actions clearly saved the woman and other road users from serious harm or even death and I’d personally like to commend his bravery.

“I’m now in the process of submitting an application for PC Groom to receive some form of recognition for his work, so fingers crossed."