A MAN has admitted creating a bomb hoax during an ten hour stand off with armed police.

Wayne Kavanagh, 28, of Derek Gardens in Southend threw shouted at the magistrates' bench as he was led out of court today.

Kavanagh has admitted one count of making a bomb hoax during a major incident in Sherwood Way, Southend which began at around 2pm.

Police remained at the scene for the rest of the day and well into the night, before eventually Kavanagh was arrested and remanded in custody in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

At Southend Magistrates' Court today, Kavanagh appeared in an orange prison garb with tattoos on his neck and hands.

He had previously refused to come out of his cell.

He confirmed his name and address and to admit creating the bomb hoax.

Chair of the magistrates' bench Wendy Black referred the case to crown court as she judged it as too serious for the bench to sentence Kavanagh.

As he was led away by security staff, Kavanagh became angry and punched the bulletproof glass in the dock.

He then shouted at the security guards and turned to the bench and said: "I will be dead before I come back here, you hear me?".

On Monday, eye witnesses reported how the area around the flats in Sherwood Way was sent into lockdown as police cordoned off surrounding streets while ushering people away.

There was a heavy presence from the emergency services, including the fire service, and the ambulance service alongside specialist units.

Residents were being advised to seek alternative accommodation for the evening.

Kavanagh will be sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on October 30.