CAMPAIGNERS are set to demand the Government brings in new laws for quieter fireworks, in a bid to stop the harm to animals and pets.

Southend Council will consider plans to write to ministers for possible new legislation.

Campaigners also want to see the council clamp down on firework sellers in the town.

A motion to the council states: “We are asking to write to the Government urging them to introduce legislation to limit the maximum noise level of fireworks to 90 decibels for those sold to the public for private displays.

“The council’s cabinet member for the environment and planning is happy that a lower level should be sought.

“The noise from fireworks is currently restricted to 120 decibels and this is checked by the council trading standard officers through the manufacturers.

“Many manufactures set them at 110 decibels for fear of ‘accidentally’ exceeding the 120 level

“We also want to encourage suppliers of fireworks to stock ‘quieter’ fireworks for public display.

“Southend currently has 16 retailers with a licence to sell fireworks.

“Officers will promote this on visits and inspections.

“These are generally undertaken in the run up to events where fireworks are used, such as Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and Christmas and New Year’s Eve.”

Worried pet lovers are keen to see a lower noise limit go ahead.

Sheila Cox, 67, of Leigh, said her dogs gets so upset with the noise of fireworks.

She said: “We’ve got to get this under control, we also want to see fireworks restricted to certain times of year.

“I have two bearded collie dogs and they hate the fireworks, I don’t think people understand what it does to animals and pets.

“I do think the Government has a role to play in dealing with this issue and helping to get it more under control.

“I worry about my pets as well as other people’s animals and also wild animals.

“They do not understand why these huge bangs are happening and it’s so scary for them.”

This is the second time the council has heard from worried campaigners about the impact of the displays.

In December, they called for fireworks to keep their whizz but lose their bang according to campaigners who want to turn the volume down on explosions.

A motion was been submitted to Southend Council to only allow quieter fireworks.

Under the plans all public firework displays within the Southend borough would have to be advertised in advance.

The council would launch a public awareness campaign on the impact fireworks can have on animal welfare and sellers would be encouraged to only sell quieter fireworks to the public.