MINDLESS yobs armed with marbles are being hunted after they smashed house and car windows in a late night crime spree.

The gang of teenagers targeted homes and cars in Pound Lane, Bowers Gifford, late on Friday.

The group, who have been branded as “feral” by the angry families, targeted several cars and homes.

One victim, a woman, had her front window smashed by the gang.

She said: “They did this to a lot of people on the Friday night.

“Several house and car windows in our road were damaged in about an hour or so.

“These kids have no thought for the fact that it costs lots of money to repair and all the insurance policies have an excess that will be affected.

“I think this is petty mindless vandalism and damage.”

The 46-year-old added: “I think it’s just an example of the times we live in now.

“Until we have more police with a more visible presence and a criminal justice system which is actually effective I don’t see anything changing.

“I think this is a wider social issue, not just bored kids or ineffective parents.

“We have no police, everyone knows it.

“The kids know it and know the police will never chase up complaints of smashed windows.

“It’s sad but that’s how it is now.”

The victim believes the gang used a catapult to launch the marbles.

The angry resident, who works as a teacher, said her neighbour had her car window smashed by the same group.

She is urging anyone with information to report it to the police.

Fellow resident Beryl Taylor, 44, who was unaffected by the attacks, said: “We cannot be putting up with this. Where are the parents of these kids when they are acting like this?

“It must have been such a shock for these people when they discovered what had happened to their property and car.

“I think this is absolutely disgusting and I hope this gang is caught and dealt with very soon.”

She added: “We cannot have people going around thinking this sort of behaviour is acceptable and something we will be putting up with.

“I bet these residents and families are pretty angry about all this because it will leave them out of pocket.”

Anyone with any information about the incident is being urged to contact Essex Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.